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elle - zoe davis

The last time we spoke

Regret unsettled you

I wonder now if you saw




They said you went quietly

Whilst we were on Honeymoon

Your passing a silence

We received with congratulations

Upon our return

We did not know how to honour you

There was a space

Infecting everywhere you were not

I bought a cactus

Asked for it to be wrapped as a gift

Unsure of my intent

But it was you I longed to recreate

We escaped the city that weekend

Returned to our old haunt on the coast

Trudged from ancient cabin

Through dank water meadows

Across Tupp Bridge

To grey autumnal sands

A fractured sky

Cracked sun

Egg-like on rockpools

Tide running backwards

White horses galloping


And then we saw you

Manifest and haunt us wicked

Gathering stones and shells and barnacles

We spelt your name across a desolation of sand

Below the hilltop church where once you married

Salted remembrance burning our eyes

Tomorrow your name would be gone

Gathered in your lover’s tidal arms

Summoned for one last tryst

We returned to the city next morning

At peace

With you existing beyond the waves

Zoe Davis is an emerging writer and artist from Sheffield, England. A Quality Engineer in advanced manufacturing by day, she spends her evenings and weekends writing poetry and prose, and especially enjoys exploring the interaction between the fantastical and the mundane, with a deeply personal edge to her work. You can find her words in publications such as: Acropolis Journal, Livina Press, Full House Lit and CERASUS Magazine. You can also follow her on Twitter / X @MeanerHarker where she's always happy to have a virtual coffee and a chat.



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