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in skyrim, solitude is a capital city - devon webb

previously published in Moonbow Magazine (2023)

My mother says my life is disappearing 

not in a mean way she is just concerned 

she thinks I’m doing nothing when 

I am doing so much 

How do I explain to her, 

how could my life disappear 

when Skyrim has an Anniversary Edition 

in Skyrim, Solitude is a capital city 

& I am revered 

even though I don’t even do the main questlines 

I’m not even saving the world 

just frolicking with my pet rabbit 

picking flowers 

& baking bread 

& casting useless spells just for fun 

I, too, thought it might be lonely to be alone 

to be not in love with anyone 

but I play Skyrim Anniversary Edition 

& my entire heart explodes 

the world is in my throat 

like the tallest mountain in all of Tamriel 

See I have fast travel at my fingertips 

I have so much to explore 

I have quest markers in my head 

I’m just taking a leisurely detour 

Life is a lot like Skyrim Anniversary Edition 

so many purple mountain flowers everywhere! 

& blue mountain flowers! & red mountain flowers! 

& maybe even some tundra cotton! 

& if you’re patient & you pick them all you will be rich! 

In Skyrim Anniversary Edition you stop & fight a ghost 

& suddenly you have a whole farming enterprise 

which is a metaphor for abundance upon reflection 

sometimes I’m climbing a mountain 

& I just stop & stare at the remastered snow 

which is quite simply sparkling 

is there not such beauty in these miniscule things 

& when the time comes to be a completionist 

to accomplish shit & have conflict 

I shoot my dreams so straight like an arrow 

I get a cinematic kill shot 

oh I am so OP 

oh I’m taking my sweet time about it but 

I’ll slay dragons 

I’ll write my life like lore 

& little nerds with too much time on their hands 

will read it like books on shelves in Skyrim 

& when they put the book down 

they’ll look at the purple mountain flowers just like I do 

& think huh 

what abundant wonders in this open world.

Devon Webb is a 25-year-old writer & editor based in Aotearoa New Zealand. Her work has been widely published worldwide & revolves around themes of femininity, vulnerability, anti-capitalism & neurodivergence. She is an in-house writer for Erato Magazine, an editor for Prismatica Press & is currently working on the final edits of her debut novel. She can be found on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok & Bluesky at @devonwebbnz.


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