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the birthday party - brannon o'brennan

Otherworldly howls from a newbie.

The remnant sounds of a sucking universe that don't translate in the new world.

Indicators that she’ll not acquiesce without a fight, along with a decided preference for what came before.

Awareness that it was better to be unaware.

The world is still breaking her in.

She’s loved and wanted, just not as is.

She has every right to be furious, but over time she'll be denied even that.

She will be expected to be grateful. The price of civilization. She’ll have to join that too.

Of course she wasn't asked. I wasn’t asked. What makes her special?

The good news is it’s not as bad as the return trip.

Brannon O'Brennan is a writer from Washington, DC. Two of his pieces have been published in the literary journal Within and Without Magazine, and a third is scheduled to be published in the White Cresset Arts Journal. He previously published through George Washington University: WHY AN INTELLIGENT MAN MADE UNINTELLIGENT DECISIONS: THE COGNITIVE FACTORS BEHIND ROBERT MCNAMARA'S DECISION TO ADVISE IN FAVOR OF ESCALATION OF THE VIETNAM WAR, JANUARY - JULY, 1965. He is currently seeking literary representation for his upmarket crime fiction novel THROUGHLINE, a novel about a dysfunctional family of outlaws and the effects of trauma across generations.


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