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to the 'new' chandelier - west ambrose

O’ cool breeze! Autumn’s tenderness is blessed

with rage, pulling the wool sweater right o’er

my weary eyes. Brown, kindled leaves grant

such reverie; a permanent vacation,

a jeweled, honey-tongued underworld of

Paradise. Dearest, darling, divine friend

that stays by my side— Art thou your bride as

any boy could be? As Pythias waits

for the ax or the kiss, the long sleep or

the morning after where fields are drenched

in sun and flax and moths spooling out as

a waking dream. Now pull the seam. Confess:

There’s no excuse left to be meek, no

hour either. Death comes to everyone simply

because there’s an ode to write and the

deadline was last week. This time it will be

different; crimson, gold, and ecstasy in

fire, but the spell cast never falls just right.

This time lay Weariness down in their dark

curls and chemise onto a bed of feathered

phantom song.This time all symphonies

are mourning bells, splayed in the harpsichord

of marigolds, at the meridian

of Despair; your final thorn-hushed Goodnight.

West Ambrose is a writer and grad student. His twitter is @westofcanon and his website is where you can find creative works inspired by antiquity and classic lit. The website,, is also the home of the Crow’s Nest and HLK Quarterly, an opportunity for the folks of many/any disciplines with interest in nautical and seaward things.


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