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we belong to the dark oak woods - k.s. baron

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

we belong to the dark oak woods

and if we don’t, where do we go? mushrooms

stretch on islands void of flowers, of grass

of life beyond that which grows in networks

under the soil / if we don’t belong to the trees,

then surely the mycelium that consumes us /

surely the mycelium that branches into our

bones and skin, wraps us finger by limb by neck

to pull us down because we are safe here and

there’s nothing to hurt you in this land

except the mushrooms themselves as they stretch

to the sky / they stretch to the lungs of the cows

and grow from their backs, a moo throttled

by foreign veins encroaching on every fold

in their brain / i wish to belong to the dark oak

woods that curve through the frozen waters

and snowy cliffs but even the mushrooms

have rooted there—and who’s to say, anyway,

that the trees don’t already belong to what

rots and rattles and reaches under our feet?

K.S. Baron is a poetry editor at Last Leaves Magazine and a hobby-driven digital artist. Her work has previously appeared in Capsule Stories, Havik Poetry, Burnt Pine Magazine, and others. She has a soft spot for sharp things (like cats and cacti) and finds herself drawn to the moon.



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