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a very cute orange cat
a very cute orange cat


Icarus Grey is an artist and poet currently residing in the Midwest. You can find their work most recently in the Hyacinth Review and BLEACH!  In their spare time, they bake a mean quiche and dream of one day learning to play the banjo.​

Assistant Editor and Best Cat

Salem is the Pelican's assistant editor and the best cat a guy could ever ask for. In his spare time he enjoys playing with phone chargers, laying directly in front of the fan and watching Studio Ghibli movies with his human.

Submissions Reader

Nicholas E. B., a submissions reader for Periwinkle Pelican,  is in fact a very manly muppet with a passion for paper mâché and set building for community theatres. If they don’t have paint on their pants, they will eventually. No clothing is safe. They also dabble their little muppet mits in makeup, and poetry. 

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