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a fat pelican with google eyes

Want to submit?

Perfect! The birds are so excited!

Summer submissions are currently OPEN. (Online only)

The OPTIONAL theme is 'Summer Sonnets.'

Submit here:

We do not accept AI generated work of any kind. Period. Attempting to submit AI work will be an automatic rejection. The same goes for any kind of prejudice. We have a zero tolerance policy.

Poetry: Please submit no more than five poems or ten pages. Keep all poems to one document. 

Fiction or Nonfiction: Up to 2,000 words. Don't worry though, if you're a little over we won't  hold it against you.

Art: We love any form of artwork! Please make sure when submitting that we're able to see it, that the images you're submitting are clear, and keep it under 10 pieces.

Creative Nonfiction: Up to 2,500 words please! Please don't worry though - just like our fiction and nonfiction baddies we won't hold it against you if you go a smidgeon over. 

General things that apply to everyone:

Simultaneous submissions are okay! If your work is accepted elsewhere, you don't have to withdraw from us unless you need to according to the requirements of another publication. We can always defer you and publish your accepted work later! We allow reprints but please give the correct credit to the original publisher. 

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