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a possibility of stars - zoe davis

today she wore midnight like a trophy

every star a medal for something complete a bed made a meal cooked a shower taken

darkness had no power over her not when she realized she could be the sun

and let a galaxy of her choosing revolve around her

I said I would be Jupiter and the dog could be Mars but she gave us different names as we were not so far away

the rocket I’d used to reach her was now garage-packed no longer required in the living room

the vacuuming had been done and the cushions were neat even at this time of day when most were asleep

yet that had been the worst time

the night time polar opposite of the big bang

in space we are told no one can hear you scream

that had been the problem

yet I hadn’t rescued her

I had simply offered oxygen a way home when she’d forgotten the map

as sometimes

it’s a different kind of bravery a different kind of alien world we must reclaim

no two missions are ever the same

now when she points her telescope heavenwards it isn’t black holes she sees

only stars

and possibilities

Zoe Davis is an emerging writer and artist from Sheffield, England. A Quality Engineer in advanced manufacturing by day, she spends her evenings and weekends writing poetry and prose, and especially enjoys exploring the interaction between the fantastical and the mundane, with a deeply personal edge to her work. You can find her words in publications such as: Acropolis Journal, Livina Press, Full House Lit and CERASUS Magazine. You can also follow her on Twitter / X @MeanerHarker where she's always happy to have a virtual coffee and a chat.


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Jan 09

Just awesome, haunting and beautiful.

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