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group photo - jerome berglund

A contemporary during roundtable discussion dares to own aloud his often wondering 

if he might be dead and this was hell he is experiencing, being punished with, and though I am not bold enough to admit or mention it confess the thought has also crossed my mind.

paying to play

a hollow sound


Jerome Berglund has worked as everything from dishwasher to paralegal, night watchman to assembler of heart valves. Many haiku, haiga and haibun he’s written have been exhibited or are forthcoming online and in print, most recently in bottle rockets, Frogpond, and Modern Haiku. His first full-length collections of poetry Bathtub Poems and Funny Pages were just released by Setu and Meat For Tea press, and a mixed media chapbook showcasing his fine art photography is available now from Yavanika.



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